Accompaniment instruments

The Tanpura, also called the longnecked

Lute, originates from India. This 4- and

Sometimes 5 string instrument with its

resonating spacious sounds,, plays an

Impotant role  In Indian  classical music

And is  the accompanying’base instrument

The patterns of recurring tones create a trance atmosphere.

Swaramandala, a classical  Indian 30 string instrument  with a bright Sparkling Oriental soundscape

Nada tarangini, also called waves Of sounds. This instrument  with 33 Strings creates a sound tapestry of Wide and warm sound patterns that

Symbolize endless landscapes.

The Nada tarangini and the  Swaramandala

Are both  made by instrument builder Misha

Stemerding associated with the Alandi  retreat

Centre in steyl, Province of limburg, the Netherlands.